Holt Family Funeral Home
Iron Gold Welding
Lamm Construction

Janice Graham, C.P.A.

Jared M. Smith, DMD, PC

Moose Plumbing & Heating

Carol & Steve Blackburn

Austin Automotive

Big D Super Foods

Canon City Tire & Service

Drs. Linda & Eric Carlson

Farmer's Insurance - Molly Edrington, Agent

The Gold Mine Rock Shop, Inc.

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"People who believe in music
are the happiest people I've ever seen!"

Mac Davis, 1972, from I Believe in Music

Virtuoso:   $500+                                                         Aficionado:    $250 - $499                                      Patron:    $100 - $249.                                  Friend:    $10 - $99

Brendan J. Pardue
Brian & Doris Petro
Rev. Lyle R. Stuehrenberg
Ruth E. Prins
Dale Schwarz
Joseph Schwarz
John Stiehl.


Jody Caricato

Cheryl A. Carle

Mary Cox

Courtney & Nan Davenport

James & Ina Jo Davis

Your Fremont Civic Choir could not function, improve, or even exist without the support of Fremont County's citizens. 

We thank you for your support, past and present, and we pledge our sustained effort to use these resources as frugally and productively as possible.

Or donate online here:

The Gooseberry Patch

Linda Neefe, CPA

Marck Time Music, Pueblo

Owl Apothecary

Penrose Tractor Factory

Julie Reeves Real Estate



Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust

Bradley Schluter, DDS

The Blue Frog on Main

"Touch of Love" Florist

United Country Real Estate

Willies Antiques & Collectibles, Inc.

2018 FCC Contributors and Supporters

Support the choir by mailing your tax-deductible contribution to: 

Fremont Civic Choir

605 W. 5th Street

Florence, CO 81226

Intermountain Steel Mfg., Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado

Edith & Ray Brideau

Fremont Civic Choir

The Fremont Civic Choir is a non-profit organization

as defined in IRS Code Section 501-c(3)

Linda Crawford
Carla & Lynn Houghton
Lori Kukuczka
K.G. & Brenda Lane


Anne & Alan Logan

Phyllis Mulso

Scott & Sandra Miller

Rick & Amy Perschbacher

Elgerine L. Ready Family

Tinase Roberts

Each year's financial supporters are recognized on this web site and in our concert programs for the succeeding full year.

Please include your name exactly as you want it to be printed here and in our programs.

Thank you for your support!

"If you believe in music,  support it!"

Bethany Dalton Kash

Joe Gomez

Leonard & Jeanette Grantner

Terry & Sharon Haunschild

Lori Judkins

Susan & Dr. Joseph McGarry

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1400 KRLN Radio

Barn & Barrel

Blue Spruce Art Gallery

Dr. Gerald & Julie Branes, DDS

Canon City Daily Record

Carochi Brothers Machine Shop

Kevin & Gayla Day

Sharon & Ralph Dickman

Mike & Angel Dowd

Anabel Flowers

Connie Frost

Chiaro Music Studio
Coyote's Coffee - Penrose

Edward Jones - Brad Knifong

Florence Brewing Co.

The Florence Citizen

Florence Flowers & Antiques

Fox Drug, Inc.